We Ship Worldwide!


Shipping Time & Tracking

  • Please order early in 2021!  Shipping is taking much longer this year due to labor shortages, Covid safety measures and other bottlenecks with the shipping carriers.

  • Standard shipping time in the United States is 1-2 weeks.  We ship from Michigan, so it may be sooner than later if you are closer to us.

  • For our international customers, shipping may take 4-6 weeks (and even longer to certain countries).  Shipping time has been a bit less to Canada and the UK.

  • DHL International Tracking.  We use DHL International for standard international shipping and DHL only provides tracking details up to US departure.  Sometimes additional events, such as arrival in the destination country are received, however that's not guaranteed.  Also, in some countries, DHL uses a local delivery service to deliver the package to the final destination and there is no tracking available from these local companies.

Shipping Costs, Taxes & VAT

  • Standard ground shipping in the United States is $8.95 - $9.95 for one Polar Express Sleigh Bell.

  • Standard international shipping is USD $14.95 - $19.95 for one Polar Express Sleigh Bell (slightly more to Australia and New Zealand).

  • Within the United States, we only charge sales tax in California and Michigan.

  • For our customers outside the United States, our prices do not include import duties or VAT.  We're sorry about these additional costs!

  • Shipping cost is calculated during checkout.