About Us

Magical Bells began in 2006 when Christina Frueh was inspired by her son asking for “a silver sleigh bell from Santa's sleigh, JUST LIKE IN THE POLAR EXPRESS!".  Christina searched everywhere for an authentic Polar Express Sleigh Bell.  She found poor quality jingle bells and a lot of bells "claiming" to be "Polar Express Bells" but none fit for Santa's sleigh.  So Christina decided to create her own! 

Each of our premium sleigh bells are handcrafted, heirloom-quality and truly a labor of love.  We are the only company offering an authentic Polar Express Sleigh Bell.  This special gift set appeals to children and adults and of all ages and represents "The Universal Symbol To Believe"!

Unfortunately, Christina passed away in 2014, but her passion for Magical Bells continues through her husband Mike and her 13-year-old son Evan.  Christina believed in herself and in her ability to touch others with her products.  We are grateful to Christina for inspiring us to Believe.  She will be forever missed and always remembered...

From our family to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Mike and Evan Frueh 


In loving memory of Christina Frueh, “The Belle of Bells”