Are there any additional shipping options (FedEx, UPS, etc)?

Yes, please contact us at customerservice@magicalbells.com.


Do you offer any quantity or wholesale discounts?

Yes, we will work with you on a lower price depending on the product and the quantity required.  We have clients that purchase larger quantities for their office teams, fundraising events, large family reunions, etc.  Please contact us at customerservice@magicalbells.com.


Is there any engraving on the bells?

No, except for a small "WBE (s12)" on the Polar Express Sleigh Bell which is required by Warner Bros since they own the Polar Express brand.  We've told people it stands for "Winter Buddy Elf in Shop 12" - the elf that made the bell for Santa!


What does the Polar Express Sleigh Bell sound like?

Getting the right sound was important to us.  Click here to hear the bell!